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At Aberdeen, the hallmark of our multi-asset approach is to make full use of diversification. We scour the investment universe, drawing on the full breadth of Aberdeen's resources, with the aim of delivering outcomes which meet investor needs. An intensive yet transparent approach and we call it multi multi asset investing.

What is multi multi asset?

Multi market expertise

Skilful asset allocation is key to multi-asset performance. But it’s easy to view asset allocation simply as a “macro” call. In other words, having a global overview of monetary policy trends, economic data and geopolitical events, then deciding what’s the best mix of assets to hold in response.

At Aberdeen, we believe that successful investing is also about understanding the underlying drivers of each investment. For over 30 years we’ve been well known for our focus on gathering first hand knowledge as part of our investment process.

This bottom-up knowledge, combined with top-down macro thinking, allows us to determine with more confidence what our allocation to different investments should be – and allows us to spot new asset-class opportunities in any market at an early stage.

Multi sources of investment return

Many funds call themselves multi-asset. But look under the bonnet and their portfolios can often be a very traditional combination of equities, bonds and cash. At Aberdeen, conversely, we consider over 25 different asset classes for our multi-asset strategies.

Our unconstrained investment universe spans both developed and emerging markets, traditional and higher yielding fixed income, as well as new and niche asset classes such as peer-to-peer lending, renewable infrastructure and insurance-linked securities.

We believe this high degree of diversification is essential – both to capture the level of return that investors need to achieve and to provide effective diversification of risk in a world where mainstream asset classes often move in tandem.

Multi year track record

The skills to appraise and combine multiple asset classes in a single portfolio can’t be learned overnight‎. Our investment team has the experience of managing portfolios through multiple market cycles

Market returns will always ebb and flow – and multi-asset funds need to be able to navigate the ups and downs. It is easier to do when you have experienced it before.  

With a breadth of specialist asset class expertise within Aberdeen, we can also draw on decades of knowledge when allocating to a broad range of less traditional asset classes. 

Targeting a range of client outcomes

Whether looking to achieve growth, capital preservation or regular income we offer a range of funds which may be used individually or blended as appropriate. Please note that investors may get back less than the amount invested.


For when a regular income stream is needed:

Capital preservation

For when a more conservative approach is needed:

Latest insights

Risk warning:

Risk warning

The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up and investors may get back less than the amount invested.

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